The things you may not know about rubber cable protector

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Nowadays, more and more rubber cable protector/cable ramp are used in life. In addition to the commonly used speed bumps on the road, many large-scale events, such as performances, exhibitions, networking, meetings, etc., require the use of rubber trunking. In this type of activity, the main function of the rubber cable protector/cable ramp is to protect the cables used at the event site from being crushed by vehicles and pedestrians to prevent accidents.

Even if the prevention work is done, the safety accident of the cable leakage at the activity site still occurs from time to time. Among them, more than 80% of the causes of cable damage due to deformation and breakage of the rubber wire trunk due to excessive pedaling at the event site account for more than 80%.

Therefore, the quality of the cable protector/cable ramp plays a decisive role in the occurrence of the accident.

At present, there are many types of cable protector/cable ramp, and there are many manufacturers. Many consumers are dazzled and unable to start.

As the industry leader, we are the only factory in China that only makes cable protector/cable ramp, which helps you easily identify the advantages and disadvantages of rubber trunking:

NO.1 Look at the lid

The cover plate on the market mostly uses PVC material, namely polyvinyl chloride, the main feature of PVC material: cost point, easy to form. Disadvantages: The material itself is unstable, high in hardness and easy to break.

The high-quality cover plate is made of ABS. ABS is one of the five synthetic resins. Its impact resistance and pressure resistance are very good, and the finished product has good toughness and will not break.

In addition to looking at the material of the cover, it can also be distinguished by the thickness of the cover. The thickness of the high-quality cover plate can reach 0.7cm, the thickness of the base support column reaches 1.8cm, and the appearance is delicate. If the thickness of the cover is 0.3 cm, the thickness of the base support column is 0.9 cm, and the appearance is rough, which is an inferior cover.

NO.2 Look at the hinge

The hinge of the rubber cable protector/cable ramp mainly serves as a support. The connector on the market has an integral connector and a spliced connector.

The one-piece connector is stronger, less broken, durable and easy to use than the spliced connector. The spliced connector is mostly made of recycled material, and has the disadvantage of being easily broken.

NO.3 Look at the base

Mainly to look at the bottom of the rubber cable protector/cable ramp, the new rubber surface is smooth, the hand feels fine, it is not easy to break, the weight that can be carried is large, and the service life is long. On the contrary, it is the old rubber, and the materials are mostly used tires recovered twice and three times. Such bases are weak and easily broken and scrapped.

The things you may not know about rubber cable protector

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